Vampires of the Paper Flower Consortium

PFC (Bonus Episode 1): Subject 073

June 20, 2020 Elizabeth Guizzetti Season 1
Vampires of the Paper Flower Consortium
PFC (Bonus Episode 1): Subject 073
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Paper Flower Consortium's historian, Loretta Fabron Onfoy, recalls the summer which William T. Caruso, grief-stricken by the loss of his human son, murdered over one hundred people in his experiments. She reads from his journal on June 21, 1951, the night he accidentally created an under-age vampire, Norma Mae Rollins, and claimed her as his daughter.

Content Warning: Assult and Physical Abuse by a "Parent" to a Teenager. Also mentions of vampires murdering and hurting people.

Written and Performed by Elizabeth Guizzetti

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Loretta's Introduction and Content Warning
Norma's Birth and William's Past
From the Journal of William T. Caruso: June 21, 1951
Stealing Away through the Bloodline
The Vampire Norma is Reborn
Norma's Additions
The Coven's Response
Closing Announcement and Credits